Encouragement – Be the Change – The Happy Chronicles

Alter your thoughts, change your life.

You are the architect. You determine the blueprint.

Everyday is something beautiful,
another day where you can lose yourself,
don’t feel stuck there’s only one way out
acknowledge the truth and move forward now.

If you don’t know where to start that’s alright. Start where you can, just aim to seize the day.

PLAN! plan. plan. plan.

Don’t just drift through your life aimlessly, make a conscious effort, realize that old habits die hard and work rigorously to correct your (soon-to-be) old behavioral conditioning.

Leave a comment, Get the conversation started! What are you going to do to make change in your life?

“We are all that we are, holding on till we fall apart.” – Angels and Airwaves

One thought on “Encouragement – Be the Change – The Happy Chronicles

  1. I think the biggest change I’ve made (fairly recently), is actually diving in to what I’ve got to do, without worrying about doing it perfectly.
    It seems to get done pretty well, but more importantly it actually gets done! 😉

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