4 Aspects to Obtaining Higher Consciousness

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware to one’s surroundings.


What does it mean to live unconsciously?

The unconscious mind is a shadow of the “real” mind it’s not identifiable less flexible, complex, controlling, deliberative and action-oriented than its counterpart (the conscious mind).

– Paraphrased from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2440575/

To live unconsciously is to act on the emotions we don’t understand, when we do this we give away our power and life-energy acting out of routine, patterns and old conditioning.

We tend to live according to our “current feeling” rather than seeing life as it is and working towards the bigger picture.


What is higher consciousness?

Higher consciousness is the consciousness of a higher self, transcendental reality or God. It is “the part of the human being that is capable of transcending animal instincts.

– Excerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Higher_consciousness#CITEREFBunge2001


How do we influence higher consciousness?

We can influence higher consciousness by understanding ourselves and our place in time and space. We must become aware of all the conditional patterns that have influenced our behavior up until this point.

We need to learn discipline and control in order to train the mind and body to abide to our higher self.

To reach a higher consciousness we need to transcend the current circumstances… we need to stop living through the senses, stop living through emotion and rather live through our objective intellect and spiritual needs.


How do you transcend your current circumstances?

We transcend our current circumstanced through a process of self-actualization.

Through understanding ourselves fully, spiritually and physically we are better able to see clearly and better able to work along side the laws of nature rather than against them.


What is the process of self-actualization?

We can build awareness by challenging our trials and tribulations with a can-do attitude, only through giving yourself fully can we learn best from experience. Knowledge is power and knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.


How do we begin the process of self-actualization?

We begin by realizing we’re human just like everyone else. We must also realize the world is full of chaos and we can’t always make sense of everything; we need to learn to control what we can and to let go of what we can’t.

The process of self-actualization begins the moment we accept ourselves as who we are and begin to release the negativity that has plagued us up until this point in time.

The good and the bad of the past have come together to make this very moment in time, accept it and give in to the moment. Focus on creating memorable moments so tomorrow’s moment can be harvested better than today’s.

The process begins when we start taking initiative and responsibility for the direction of our lives.


I still don’t know where to begin, where do I start?

Start by determining what it is you truly want in life if money was no object. Where would your soul guide you if you weren’t tied down by your cash resources?

Okay, I determined what I want… but I still haven’t figured myself out…

Honestly dreams are dreams and can sometimes becoming true realizations but until we are able to distinguish our deeper reasons for these dreams they will direct us and cause mayhem on our psyche.

One thing we need to truly come to realize within ourselves is life isn’t about the destination, its about the journey. Embrace your journey and you’ll have arrived at your destination. 

Most of us are to focused on the past and future leading us to our biggest flaw; emotional-based thinking. We need to focus on this current moment with our full awareness and continue honoring each moment remaining fully present to grow as individuals.


Understanding the Flaws in Emotional-Based Thinking

Living in a reaction-based consciousness we tend to hold in various emotions simultaneously, these emotions identify themselves when we feel threatened. Most of the time when we get into this defensive state we can only identify ourselves with the strongest emotion out of the bunch, usually anger or sadness.

We are “unconscious” to our emotional thinking. When we become emotional it’s not an instance of one emotion becoming to strong to contain, it’s more of an instance of how our various emotions react with one another.

More often then not we’re feeling more than one emotion at a time and this can becoming confusing to us on the conscious level, which causes us to react at times on surface level and not fully understanding why.

Higher consciousness begins with discipline first and foremost.

Discipline is everything; the road to liberation is a dogfight that will knock you down time after time again… not everyone will be able to live and find what is known as “Christ consciousness” some of us live on low levels, others on high ones.

The frequency in which we “be” and frequently reside in will determine our circumstances, how we handle them and how they introspectively change us.

Only through a commitment of excellence are we able to find our own strongest levels achieving clarity and true direction.


Overcoming Subjectivity

To live in higher consciousness we must fight to see the objective truth. There is a lot of man-made deception with the intent on keeping humankind focused on basic needs.

Keeping the mass population focused on these lower level needs takes the attention away from things that could truly benefit our nature and overall existence.


Personal Growth and the Road to Achievement

Read, read, and read… there’s so much to understand about human nature and existence itself. Anyone who knows anything knows there’s always more to learn.

Find a way that you work on yourself so that you can add value to others. Find your beliefs and allow others to find theirs even if ideas may vary from your own; we all need to come to our own realizations and need to express ourselves without fear of being judged.

Start learning about personal development, check out business gurus like Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale and Chris Widener, listen to audio books, podcasts or if you don’t have many books google for PDFs versions of whatever it is you’re interested in; find anything that inspires you and let it do its thing.


4 Key Aspects of Higher Consciousness

Thinking outside of the box, outside of labels and outside of predetermined patterns.

Transcendentalism – the belief that man is at his best when independent, and not part of organized religion or politics. To discover the nature of reality by investigating the process of thought rather than the objects of sense experience.

– Definition from http://www.yourdictionary.com/transcendentalism

Don’t cling to strongly to one idea, we are flawed thinkers and constantly make breakthroughs with new paradigm shifts. What you believe at this very moment may not be exactly what you believe in the future so don’t criticize others because before you know it you’ve become a hypocrite yourself. We all make mistakes and need to embrace the inner journey, don’t force others, focus on what you can control.

Commitment, initiative, releasing the negative and influencing the positive.

We feel lost or happy usually based on the extent of control we have over our own lives. Choosing to live through our senses typically comes with consequences physical in nature such as depleting our resources that could have been allocated to a better cause.

Living through senses creates the cycle of dependency and inner struggle which creates more conflict and barriers to happiness.

When we’re in this state of low self-esteem we tend to attract others in the same state which can create a faulty support system where everyone likes to see each other lose. With this feeling of lesser worth and inferiority we tend to feel envious and defeated when others mention their accomplishments. As a unconscious or conscious manipulative act using peer pressure and our influence we tend to hold people in the same position; we like change as long as it doesn’t affect us to much.

Finding silence, transcending energy through meditation, prayer or reflection.

A big part of finding silence is accepting our thoughts and ourselves as we are. We are all that we are, it is all that it is and if it’s meant to be it’ll be.

We must see life and reality not as something that happens to us but something that happens through us, and how we react will spawn and re-spawn through out our lives.

Choose to find your calmness. Choose to give time to your concealed thoughts, choose to see your thoughts but to realize you are not your mind but an eternal consciousness that cannot be scientifically shown as existing within the human body.

We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.” Joshua David Stone

Those who carry the biggest burden have the greatest message with the greatest influence.

Choose to live life with a sense of passion, determine your values/principles and address what truly matters.

Live according to the greater good and praise all who see worth in you. Choose to add value to others, aim to ignite the ascension of others spiritually, and they will come back ten times stronger to influence you in your own endeavors.

Focus on good karma, do unto others as you wish to be treated yourself… choose to see the good and help people grow.

Reaching higher consciousness isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. We all must find our own virtues to happiness, all I ask is we all do our best to encourage positive change; peace, love and positivity.


Be sure to check out my article Ego and the Path to Enlightenment for more information about higher consciousness. Check out some of my other articles too such as Sparking Transformational Change, Getting/Staying Motivated, Finding Inner Peace, & Learning to Accept Today.


27 thoughts on “4 Aspects to Obtaining Higher Consciousness

  1. Exquisitely written; with immense wisdom. You helped me see things from a new perspective. We have to go through it sometimes to find the hidden lessons. As a person recovering from trauma and PTSD, this all profoundly resonated. Keep sharing what is in your heart… these deeper truths release us from suffering. Thank you for a wonderful read, and for a wonderful blog. 🌻

      1. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. It has been a lonely journey! You wrote that when you are on the right path, people hate you. That made me smile. In 2012, I retrieved important information to help those who were advancing to get into position to protect and defend humanity. I followed all the inner guidance. Those who did step forward, found it hard to move past the false light programs and there lay the halting (at the time) of humanity’s ascension. I was guided to close my then website, step back, wait. Seeds had been sown. They needed time to flower. I fully understand the difficulties facing humanity from the energetic perspective. Of course we are always learning so my perspective is growing, however, knowing the difficulties, what is holding humanity in this space, knowing there is a way, that it is easily solvable, … but people are not yet ready to look at the truths. To use their heart energy wisely. I keep following the guidance, try not to get too upset when I see the suffering. I have been shown the cause. Much is being done to harm us. We know this is true. Those of us with eyes and ears. However, my purpose is to shake the community awake who have the divine ability to shield humanity. Something is brewing again. I was asked to put out a message today. The spiritual, religious, non religious community are capable of peacefully protecting and defending humanity. I watch and wait and pray that others will start to look at the true cause of their suffering. The bigger picture is an ugly picture, but if we don’t look at it, we can’t fix it. Pray for inner guidance on your specific role today. They never ask me to post these things unless it is required. I feel something is imminent, … yet, Unity brings miracles. I believe prayer is powerful. Unify. It is what we all need to do today. Radiate the Frequency of Truth from our hearts. Sorry…I blurbed! It is how I see things today. 🌻

      2. Yes I believe everything happens for a reason. It’s a struggle to get to a place in our lives where we can live according to our true expression but we have to do everything within our power to get there or what’s life worth if we can’t be who we truly want to be? I hope to inspire many but if I can only inspire one person then let it be, life can become dark for some and I’ve been there.. I just try to be truly happy and let others see for themselves, let it be profound, allow others to think for themselves.. for myself I just work hard and abide by daily messages of life.. I try to see the silver lining in everything as well as give myself to the higher power through silence, prayer or meditation. Your comments really resonate with me for sure.

  2. Beautifully written and thank you for your wise counsel. I must focus on the silver lining… and trust my inner guidance. I have shared your link to another very gifted gentleman who also has much to share. He is not on line yet, but coming soon. He has commented under Advancedresearchtechnology, and also guided about this. Scatter the seeds. Step back. Allow them to grow. I will focus on that. 🌻Thank you

  3. Hi. Friend, this is one of the excellent post i have ever seen. It gives me great pleasure that I can learn many things from people like you. I look forward for more posts like this. You have a very good vision about life. By the way thank you so much for the follow.

  4. Som great advice here…
    “ we need to learn to control what we can and to let go of what we can’t.” I need to work on that.
    We thanks for visiting me and following. Glad I found your blog.
    Gail Park
    Making Life an Art

    1. Thanks Gail, I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment. 🙂 and yes I struggle with the simple idea as well sometimes but practice makes perfect.

  5. It is a good way to put it. There is actually no definition yet what consciousness is. Science has tried to define and explain it and it always became obvious that consciousness is at the present moment something we cannot explain. You have to think of different states of consciousness and also subconsciousness and what happens when somebody is unconscious but still perceives the surroundings. It is a very complex matter.
    I thought I knew these answers 40 years ago, but after studying all kinds of human brain and health related data, at 60, I have come to a conclusion that my and our knowledge is very limited, in fact. Especially when it comes to explaining how we act subconsciously, impulsively, automatically, instinctively and when we experience out-of-the-body consciousness, see through material items and travel spiritually beyond the borders of the Universe.
    The troubles that people go through also come from analyzing oneself too much and comparing to everything else.

  6. This is a brilliant post. I’m so happy I came across your blog. I will slowly go through your articles. It is lovely. And I resonate with everything that you have written in this piece. I too have worked with and experienced some of the things you have written about.

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