Blogging – Note to Followers

team work

I’ve always been one to want to help another. Growing up I quickly became obsessed with the sport of football. Little did I know this sport taught me principles of success that I would never forget.

Football taught me the importance of supporting one another. It taught me how to be a leader but most importantly it taught me how to work hard for what I want.

Blogging is kind of like football. I can’t do it alone. It will come down to the supportive cast (followers and commenters). All I can do is maintain a positive attitude and do my best working towards my goals. If all goes accordingly maybe I’ll move forward to a bigger and better opportunity.

Although it would be amazing to gain new career opportunities through my blogging my main goal remains to help people and build a following. I don’t want to build a following for any other means than to help individuals through their struggles. Helping others is its own reward and I relic at any opportunity to do so.

Special thanks to anyone who reads my blogs. Remember I cherish your feedback so feel free to post comments on what you like, what you don’t and what you think I can do better.  🙂

existing peacefully

9 thoughts on “Blogging – Note to Followers

      1. You’re so welcome! I’ve only been blogging for a short time, but I still get super excited when I get a comment or a like! Good luck on your blogging journey!

  1. Hello, I am delighted to have found your blog. You write so eloquently and with such wisdom. I am working my way through your posts, and have already shared the link to you. I believe you are sharing incredible insights…jewels of wisdom. Thank you, because your post on higher consciousness, about the emotions, and how we allow them to control our reactions each day, … it gave me new perspective. That is true healing, when your wisdom can liberate another so powerfully and with such grace. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. Keep writing and sharing your truths. There is so much wisdom here, it is going to be like unwrapping the most beautiful presents… to reveal divine truths and new perspectives. It is advanced knowledge. Just wonderful to have found you.🌻

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your feedback.. I appreciate it dearly, thank you for taking the time to read, I’m happy you were able to connect with my messages. 🙂

      1. They are pure in vibration and resonating with deeper truths. I found you by chance (!) on one of your fellow bloggers site. Delighted to connect with you. There are not many who are perceiving these deeper teachings, so it was uplifting, refreshing and reassuring to hear your truths. Such clarity. You are a beautiful writer. It really has helped me already and I have a lot more reading to do yet on your blog. Just be you. Write what comes to you. Thank you for yiur wisdom! 🌻

      2. I’m blown away by your comments I wish I could express myself better but I am extremely thankful you appreciate my work. Really encouraging and a great inspiration for me to keep writing, thank you.

      3. Definitely keep writing! I have not read any wisdom any where else that is as pure in thought, and word,and deed. It is highly advanced. I can’t find anything to challenge my learning, to test me more, …until I found you. Thats how good you are in my eyes! Thank you, truly for sharing profound wisdom.

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